Chapter Two

The power of the Unconscious Mind

Our unconscious mind is limited in that we can only be consciously aware of a certain amount of information about our experience at any given time. Everything else, everything we’re not consciously aware of at any moment, is stored in our unconscious mind. This includes all of our memories, our past decisions, beliefs, values, personality tendencies and behavior patterns. The unconscious mind is what controls 95% of our behaviors, including walking, talking (forming sentences and using syntax), eating and of course, smoking.

The tern "unconscious mind" is a term that describes a function of your brain that is separate and distinct from the function called "conscious mind". The unconscious mind has different purposes, makes decisions differently and is motivated differently than the conscious mind.

As an illustration, do you remember the last time you tried to quit smoking? As you now remember how that felt, notice how a part of you wanted to quit, wanted to be free from cigarettes, but there was another part of you that wanted a cigarette, especially during times of great stress or a crisis. That part of you that wanted the cigarette was to your unconscious mind. Consciously, logically, you wanted to quit, but unconsciously, there was a part of you that was not’t quite convinced that it wanted to quit. That internal conflict you experienced is a result of unconscious needs of them. I’m sure that you tried to reason with it with logic. But that didn’t convince it. In order to convince it, you have to communicate in its own language – in a way that uniquely motivates it.

As long as your subconscious mind believes any of these lies listed above, or believes that you need cigarettes, that you rely on cigarettes, then it will always cause you to go back to them. It even causes you to miss them like a part of you is missing and causes you to crave them. The cravings and withdrawal are very real and physically experienced – a lot like when you lose a loved one. That part of your mind that wants you to have pleasure doesn’t know any other way for you to get these unique feelings and pleasure you experience when you smoke – especially in times of crisis – remember the last crisis you had? What did you rely on, cigarettes? Now you understand how powerful your subconscious mind is and how it influences your behavior.

As I will explain in detail in the section: The 10 Lies about Smoking, you will realize that it is this part of the mind that causes it to be so very difficult for many smokers to quit. When this part of the mind is convinced once and for all that it prefers to be a non-smoker and that it really doesn’t want to smoke, then there is no more internal conflict, no more carvings and no withdrawals. I have helped thousands of people to do just this and become non-smokers without nervousness, without cravings, without withdrawals, and without gaining weight.

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