Chapter Seven:

The 3 Step Formula For Changes

1. Get Leverage

Leverage is when you are totally convinced that:

  1. something must change
  2. I must change it
  3. I can change it.

Leverage is a phenomenon that occurs in the brain at an unconscious level. Once you have created enough leverage, your mind will automatically begin to find solution to the problem and will want to do whatever it takes to generate the change that needs to occur. In chapter eight I will give you specific techniques that you will do that will create massive leverage in your mind.

2. Interrupt the old pattern

You must change the old patterns and habits, interrupting them, so that they can’t run smoothly anymore. This means that you can’t go on doing things the same old way and expect any changes to occur. And you have to interrupt the old patterns enough times so that they can’t run anymore. In chapter nine I will tell you specifically what you need to do to do this.

3. Recondition the new association

Now that you’ve interrupted the old patterns, you must replace them with new empowering and beneficial patterns and habits (associations in the brain). This means you get used to being a non-smoker and develop new healthy ways to deal with your needs as a human being and you enjoy your new lifestyle as a healthy, happy, in-control non-smoker. In chapter nine you will learn what you need to do to do this also.



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