Part I

Understanding Human Behavior

One of the reasons that I have always been so fascinated by Psychology is the following: As a general rule based upon my own studies and personal experience, with few exceptions, most human beings have absolutely no clue why they act the way they do. Even psychologists and well known forms of psychotherapy and the various psychotheologies that attempted to understand and explain human behavior had, up until only recently very inaccurate models of human behavior. In fact, much of the information found in traditional psychology about what causes certain behaviors in people was complied by studying sick people! If I wanted to learn how something works, I wouldn't spend all my time studying examples that were abnormal.

The modern science such as Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) was developed by studying, scientifically, how people do what they do. Much of the information in this book is a result of this new technologically of the human brain, mind and behavior. NLP, which is revolutionizing how we think about human behavior and what is means to have human experiences.

The following chapter is a brief explanation of the "NLP Model of Human Behavior." It is a foundation for understanding why smokers smoke and why everyone does everything they do. If you integrate the information I will summarize and explain to you in this book, it will be like reading "and owners manual for your brain." This information applies to the behavior of smoking but is not limited to that behavior. Most of this information can be used to improve and enhance any area of your life that results from yours' and others' behaviors.

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