Part II


Lies about Addictions

Lie #1

Cigarette Smoking is as physically addicting

as hard drugs like heroin.

Lie #2

The reason you can’t stop the behavior is because

you are addicted to nicotine.

Lie #3

Quitting smoking is always hard because

all addictions take a long time to break.

Lie #4

Once you have been a smoker you will always want cigarettes

even after you have quit.

Lies about why people smoke and why people can’t quit

Lie #8

Cigarette-substitute products (such as nicotine gum and patches)

can replace your desire to smoke.

Lie #9

People smoke because the nicotine relaxes them

and calms them down.

Lie #10

The actual cigarette (the smoke, nicotine, or the tar) is what

is calming, relaxing and psychologically satisfying.


In the next three chapters I will explain the facts about these old misconceptions and describe what really causes cravings, withdrawals and weight gain, and will explain what really causes people to smoke and how they can get even more pleasure by becoming a non-smoker the fast easy way.


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