Lies about Addictions

Lie #1

Cigarette Smoking is as physically addicting

as hard drugs like heroin.

Lie #2

The reason you can't stop the behavior is because

you are addicted to nicotine.

Lie #3

Quitting smoking is always hard because

all addictions take a long time to break.

Lie #4

Once you have been a smoker you will always want cigarettes

even after you have quit.

Lies about Cravings, Withdrawals and Weight Gain

Lie #5

The nicotine is what causes cravings and withdrawals

when you quit.

Lie #6

When you do quit you will have cravings and withdrawals

because everybody does.

Lie #7

If you quit you will gain weight, because everybody

overeats and gains when they quit smoking.

Lie #8

Cigarette-substitute products (such as nicotine gum and patches)

can replace your desire to smoke.

Lie #9

People smoke because the nicotine relaxes them

and calms them down.

Lie #10

The actual cigarette (the smoke, nicotine, or the tar) is what is calming, relaxing and psychologically satisfying.


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